The International Council on Educational Credential Evaluation (ICECE) is an international NGO which serves as a quality assurance body in the field of educational credential evaluation. ICECE maintains close relations both to UNESCO and the Council of Europe. It is not a membership organisation and does not accept applications for recognition by private credential evaluators. ICECE is recognised as a leader in quality assurance and improvement in higher education assessment and provides assurance to the general public that recognised credential evaluators meet certain standards.

The main objectives of ICECE are to provide information on educational recognition tools to higher education institutions, employers and public authorities; to provide advice on the recognition of qualifications on the basis of their assessment by applying recognised evaluation standards; to ontribute to higher education legislation at international level; to participate in publications, comparative studies and other research activities undertaken by the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other international organizations; to develop cooperation with relevant national organisations; to set and promote best practices on educational credential evaluation; to assess the quality of private educational credential evaluators.

Click on the image to download a copy of the UNESCO/OECD Guidelines for quality provision in cross-border higher education: